Client Satisfaction Journey

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Client Satisfaction Journey

We accompany our clients on a legal journey through multiple stations until we reach the desired goal together through organized and sequential steps as follows:

1- Meeting

The first step is to hold a meeting in attendance with the client at the office, at the client’s headquarters, or through one of the modern means of communication to understand and discuss his subject, requests, needs, and goals.

2- Study

This step is to prepare a comprehensive legal study of the client’s subject through the documents submitted and the facts outlined and to familiarize ourselves with the relevant regulations.

3- Offer

This step is to provide a technical and financial presentation containing the work plan and the actions to be taken, in addition to the value of the fees.

4- Contracting

This step aims to organize the relationship between the office and the client, where a contract is concluded to determine the place of the contract and indicate all the details related to the obligations, duties and responsibilities of each party and the specific fees, in addition to any other terms that are agreed upon.


5- Implementation

During this step, specific clear steps and agenda are initiated in the implementation of tasks and actions related to the client’s subject with all diligence and tireless endeavors

6- Communication

This step is to achieve the policy of continuous communication with the client by informing him of all the details according to periodic reports of all developments related to his subject.