A Partnership Agreement between Muthmira Media Club and Scale of Wisdom for advocacy, legal, and administrative consultancy (SWALAC).



A Partnership Agreement between Muthmira Media Club and Scale of Wisdom for advocacy, legal, and administrative consultancy (SWALAC).

Muthmira Media Club has concluded a Partnership Agreement with Scale of Wisdom for Advocacy & Professional Consultancy (SWALAC).

The agreement was signed by Mr. Makki bin Heba as the president of the club, and lawyer Meshaal Al-Juhani as the president of Scale of Wisdom Company during the past week at the company’s building.

This agreement comes in compliance with the desire of the two parties to strengthen relations between them by entering into a community strategic partnership to implement and exchange a long-term relationship of cooperation to serve their common interests and participate in social responsibility towards the homeland, citizens and residents.

On this occasion, Mr. Makki bin Heba, president of Muthmira Media Club, stressed the importance of this agreement in enhancing the efforts exerted by both parties in upholding the interest of the nation, guided by the vision of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030, and in accordance with the directives of His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman, may God protect him, who has deliberately established an incubating community environment led by the state, which always seeks to create mechanisms for cooperation between public, private, private and private institutions and companies in order to complete projects aimed at improving the standard of living.

Bin Heba praised the outstanding professional performance of Scale of Wisdom Company, emphasizing that it has outstanding national and professional competencies in all legal fields, expressing his pleasure with this partnership, adding: (That we hope it will be a step in the right direction in order to support the media cadres and our partners in enhancing their legal status and providing legal advice to them, which creates an incubating and safe work environment for them and meets their aspirations, which reflects performance in work positively).

Furthermore, Lawyer Meshaal Al-Juhani, CEO of SWALAC, pointed out the importance of this agreement in promoting the concept of Community Partnership and achieving the strategic goals of both parties. As per  he indicated out that under this agreement, the parties will cooperate and work together to develop strategic plans, develop media, legal and administrative work and increase the growth in the volume of mutual work.

Moreover, Al-Juhani complimented the efforts exerted by Muthmira Media Club, its outstanding performance in the local media and its effective partnership with various community sectors.

The agreement provides for the provision of legal and administrative advisory services to the members and beneficiaries of Muthmira Media Club, as well as to all those dealing with the club within the events organized by it or participating.as will as the terms of the agreement refer to the development and development of human resources to achieve the club’s mission in community service in line with the Future Vision 2030 and the exchange of experiences between the two parties in various aspects of work and benefit from the material and human potential and legal and administrative competencies available.

In addition, the agreement included the commitment of the parties to moral responsibility based on the desire to participate and volunteer to contribute to the implementation of initiatives that mean achieving the goals of the social services provided.

It is noteworthy that SWALAC is one of the legal entities operating in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is a leading company in legal and administrative professional services with its expertise and competencies capable of achieving maximum legal and administrative benefit for all beneficiaries of the company’s services.